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Refined Craft is the essence of BERA. 100% of the Luna bags are handcrafted in Turkey with passion, in our ateliers and affiliated local groups. Our master craftspeople combine traditional techniques with their talents constantly reassessing the relationship between form and material to create items of enduring beauty. Bera creates high quality investment items for sustainable wardrobes.
The masterpiece of Bera’s Refined Craft is LUNA that is the art of making design with local women’s hands. %100 recycled and hand crafted. Inspired by the nature and re-existence. Each Bera design is crafted with artisanal savoir-faire, distinctive shape, exquisite leathers. Our mission is to develop long-lasting and timeless products. We believe that the path to a more sustainable world is through better and more conscious consumption.
BERA x Sustainability
At BERA, we explore new sustainable stories and practices in everything from material sourcing to designing, manufacturing and branding. We are aware that consuming better and consciously is the way to a more sustainable planet. Bera is still at the beginning of journey that gained momentum in 2020 with the launch of recycled materials and designs as LUNA.
Bera creates versatile designs that embrace the re-existence of nature, sustainability and conformism. Since 2021 Bera, processes the materials from its old collections or left over pieces from the ateliers that are made by recycled left-over leathers entirely by hand, and transform them into an art piece.
Bera is an all female entrepreneur brand built from scratch, where different talents, creative spirits and know-how merge together. Bera was founded in 2016 in Turkey, with a passion for transforming local crafts into modern designs. The core of our inspiration is to give importance to Anatolian cultural heritage, support women’s empowerment and to be a refined and modern representative of Turkish craftsmanship on the international fashion scene.
Entering sustainable wardrobes with the slogan 'The Art of Luxury', Bera creates bold designs with elegant lines inspired by nature, experimental craftsmanship and art. Bera attaches importance to valuable and detailed workmanship.
All the leather is produced at Bera’s tannery in Turkey and meets EU’s high environmental quality standards. Bera’s main collections are produced by a 70-year-old family run business who is very established and rooted in Istanbul.